Huazhong Zhu

Huazhong Zhu


Huazhong Zhu


Education Background

  1. 2003.9-2006.7, PhD, GIS and mapping, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  2. 1992.9-1995.7, MS, remote sensing, Peking University
  3. 1986.9-1990.7, Bachelor, Photogrammetry, Wuhan University

Duty in WDC-RRE

Responsible for data reviewing and processing

Related Publications or Experiences

  1. Concept of Building Multi-level Classification System Framework for Land Type Based on Grid, Huazhong Zhu, Juanle Wang, Huaping Zhong, Lilei Zhou, Hua Yang, Qing Liu, Geo-Information Science, (2015)Vol.17.No.7, 783-788
  2. Validation of simulated grid data sets of China's temperature and precipitation with high spatial resolution, Huazhong Zhu, Tianxiang Luo, Christopher Daly, Geographical Research, 2003 Vol.22.No.3, 349-359
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