Experts committee of WDC-RRE

Experts committee of WDC-RRE

I. The positioning of the expert committee

The expert committee is the policy-making advisory institute of WDC-RRE, which is responsible for formulating the WDC-RRE construction plan and providing expert opinions.

II. Main responsibilities of the expert committee

(1)To carry out top-level design and formulate the overall construction plan of the data center;

(2)To select members of the sharing platform for the committee;

(3)To provide consultations and suggestions for the mechanism construction of long-term operation and development of data centers.

(4)To provide consultations and proposals for the new technologies needed for the repository.

(5)To participate in the inspection and evaluation of data center and supervise the operation.

III. The composition of the expert committee

The expert committee consists of 13 experts in the field of domains related to earth system science, data management, policy and regulation, information technology and network technology, and management science.

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