WDC-RRE management and operating specification

WDC-RRE management and operating specification

Chapter 1 General Provisions

1.This specification is established to strengthen the management, operation, and maintenance work of World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment (the data center), thereby guaranteeing the orderly development of data sharing services.

2.This specification regulates the operation and management work of the data center and is applicable for the management of various operation tasks in the data center.

Chapter 2 Guarantee of infrastructure conditions

3.To ensure continuous operation of the WDC-RRE platform, the following infrastructure and site conditions must be satisfied:

  • (1)Independent workplace and equipment room. This includes independent workplace, necessary network-related equipment, database servers, WEB servers, large data storage equipment, and other necessary facilities. Backup mechanisms are required for important applications.

  • (2)Possessing at least 10-Mbps network export bandwidth to the Public Information Network and provision of necessary network security measures.

  • (3)Possessing a big database management system.

  • (4)The server and network capabilities must satisfy the requirements for concurrent data enquiry, browsing, and download by 100 users.

  • (5)The workplace must possess the necessary fire-prevention and flood-prevention disaster-ready facilities and conditions. These conditions conform to the construction standards for a Category-A equipment room as required by the GB50174-93 national standards.

4.Data center organisation and manpower conditions

The data center has established a corresponding organisational structure and consultation agency to periodically handle management problems, technical problems, data problems, user feedback, and other problems during its operations.

The data center is manned by at least three full-time staff who are responsible for daily monitoring, network maintenance, database maintenance, data updating, online consultation, and other tasks.

5.The data center has established an independent disaster recovery system. Conditional offsite backup can be set up.

6.The data center formulates an emergency plan to perform corresponding emergency measures during hacking, virus attacks, data theft, network malfunctions, and other relevant events.

Chapter 3 Data management, sharing, and update and maintenance

7.Data storage in the WDC-RRE platform is done using a combination of centralised and distributed network storage methods. In principle, centralised management is performed for all metadata in this platform.

8.The database providing data sharing must comply with various standards and specifications of the WDC-RRE platform and perform standardisation and transformation. Data management must be performed according to relevant specifications.

9.The data center has fully released sharable data to the public. Confidential and private data is shared only with relevant departments and units that are qualified in accordance with pertinent regulations. The identification of confidential and private data requires national or departmental explicit stipulations as the norm.

10.Data and information don’t contain content that is prohibited by state laws. Confidential state information and other private information can’t be disclosed to non-authorised personnel in the name of the WDC-RRE platform operating service center.

11.A dedicated staff members are assigned for managing the database, who will perform real-time tracking of data access and identify illegal entry and data theft behaviour in a timely manner and perform corresponding measures.

12.Basic requirements for shared data updating and expansion tasks:

  • Updating of shared data can be classified into weekly updates, monthly updates, quarterly updates, biannual updates, annual updates, and multi-annual updates.

  • Systemic updates and expansion of secondary data are performed in the data center every year. The updated and expanded data are not less than 10% of the total shared data in the previous year.

Chapter 4 Network construction requirements

13.The data center website has unified interface requirements, which mainly includes two points:

(1) The WDC-RRE logo must be placed at a prominent position on the home page.

(2) Data search, enquiry, download, and usage guidelines for the users must be placed at a prominent position on the home page. In addition, the current status of the shared database should be briefly introduced.

14.The data center website provides friendly data sharing capabilities, which mainly includes the following:

  • (1) Providing user authentication and single sign-on functions.

  • (2) Providing multiple data search and enquiry functions.

  • (3) Providing data exchange and release functions.

  • (4) Providing data browsing, access, and download functions.

  • (5) Providing information and knowledge dissemination functions.

15.The data center uses logfiles or other methods to record user access status to avoiding malicious attacks.

Chapter 5 Operation and security safeguards for the data center website

16.The data center ensures that the system will run continuously 24 × 7, and the length of downtime owing to any cause must not exceed 10 days.

17.Other network management staff are responsible for the operation and security safeguards of the data center. The network management staff periodically examines and repairs the hardware and software systems of the network, identify malfunctions and potential risks in a timely manner for management, and complete filling in the website operation logfile.

18.The security management tasks of the data center is performed according to pertinent state laws and the “Measures for Security Protection Administration of the International Networking of Computer Information Networks”.

Chapter 6 User services

19.The services provided by the data center to users can be classified into data enquiry, browsing, download, other data content services and data information, and knowledge dissemination services.

20.Data, metadata, products, and information produced for research, education, and public domain use will be made available with minimum time delay and free of charge, or for no more than the cost of dissemination, which may be waived for lower-income user communities to support equity in access.

21.Data users have the right to propose modification suggestions with regards to data quality issues and data errors. A reply must be provided to the questions proposed by the user within three days from receipt. Timely revision of actual quality issues and data errors is performed regularly.

Chapter 7 Supplementary provisions

22.This management and operating method will take effect on the date of enactment.

23.The right to interpret the relevant provisions of this management and operating method lies with WDC-RRE.

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