Data rights and security of WDC-RRE

Data rights and security of WDC-RRE

1. General principles

The WDC-RRE data sharing service follows the principles of full consideration of user needs, non-discrimination open sharing, classification and hierarchical services, data content focus service, and protection of data providers’ legal rights and interests.

This provision applies to all data and results of the sharing service provided by rule through our platform, as well as the information related to these.

The activities of the WDC-RRE data sharing service must obey the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and shall not disclose state secrets or endanger national security.

2. Users data using rights

WDC-RRE users can apply online. The data working group will give an immediate response and inform the access to the data according to user ratings, which does not require any procedures for the open and free use of data.

Users can not transfer the data with security classification constraints gained from this platform whether get paid or unpaid, including new data converted from this data resources by means of unit conversion, medium or measurement transformation.

Users who use "this platform" data have the obligation to give clear indication of data production units (or researchers), providers and access channels of the data used when publishing relevant results or paper reports.

Data users have the right to make suggestions for revision to the data quality problems and data errors. The data center will reply to the users' questions within 3 days after receiving the users' opinions, and make timely correction to the data with quality problems and errors. If it cannot be corrected in time, they shall be temporarily withdrawn from the shared data directory, and be included after modification.

3. Storage agreement

The data center is open to all publicly available data. Classified data and non-public data shall be shared with the qualified relevant departments and units in accordance to the relevant regulations. Assertions of classified and non-public data need clear stipulations of the state or departments as evidence.

The data and information shall not contain contents prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations of the state. Users shall not divulge state confidential information and other non-public information to non-authorized personnel in the name of the WDC-RRE data center.

The database should assign special persons to manage, track data access in real-time, detect illegal invasion and steal data in time, and take corresponding measures.

For scientific data-sharing services provided through non-web downloads, data center should reserve these service records as evidence to protect their rights and interests.

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