Data use statement of WDC-RRE

Data use statement of WDC-RRE

1. General rules

In order to guide and standardize the work of the World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment scientific data sharing service and improve its quality and efficiency, these regulations are formulated.

The scientific data sharing service follows the principles of fully considering user needs, non-discrimination open sharing, classification and grading service, paying attention to data content service and protecting legal rights and interests of data providers.

These regulations apply to all data and research results that provide shared services through the platform as required, as well as information related to the use of these data and results.

The activities of the WDC-RRE scientific data sharing service must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and shall not disclose the state secrets or endanger the national security.

2. Content and methods of data sharing service

The content of data sharing service includes data content service, information service and knowledge service. The data content service is the core of the shared service.

2.1 The data content service includes the following aspects:

  • (1) User login service. It provides registration and login services for users accessing the platform, including user registration, user login and user management. The World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment platform is open to the whole society and does not deliberately require users to register, but registered users may access and obtain higher-level data.
  • (2) Data directory service. The WDC-RRE platform provides a variety of Data directory services. Thematic data service is the characteristic service of the platform.
  • (3) Data query service. The WDC-RRE platform provides metadata-based search and query services. Specifically, it includes two types of metadata query services. One is to query data according to the data classification system of the portal homepage. The other is to search the data through the one-stop search function on the home page of the portal.
  • (4) Data access service. Data access service mainly refers to the form of various types of data resources providing external services. Different data access services are bound to the corresponding metadata based on the unique identifier of the metadata. As long as users query their concerned metadata, all data services that are bound to that metadata can be obtained.
  • (5) Data exchange service. Data exchange function is an effective way to integrate platform and integrate distributed data resources. It is directly oriented to data producers or data production units. The data collection is conducted in three steps. The first step is to fill in and submit the metadata information of the data set; the second step is to publish the access service of the data set and associate it with the corresponding metadata; the third step is to review and release the data after the submission.
  • (6) Personal space service. It includes personal information management, personal metadata exchange information management, personal data service management, personal data download record check and other functional services.

2.2 Information and knowledge service mainly includes comprehensive news and other forms.

2.3 Data sharing service includes online data service, offline data service, and active service methods such as entrusting service and tracking service.

2.4 Data, metadata, products, and information produced for research, education, and publicdomain use will be made available with minimum time delay and free of charge, or for no more than the cost of dissemination, which may be waived for lower-income user communities to support equity in access.

3. Online data service

The data sharing service portal website –The World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment provides one-stop online data service.

Users only need three steps to obtain data online through this platform: user registration, data discovery, and data acquisition. Any registered user can find the data they need through data discovery and obtain data through online data service.

4. Offline data service

When some data is too large to directly provide a sharing service online, you can choose to set the data as an offline service.

It mainly includes the following:

(1) Data customization service. According to the users' data request, this platform provides data customization service for the jurisdiction data.

(2) Data consulting service. Answer the data questions raised by users.

(3) CD-ROM product service. The platform performs deep processing on the exchange data and produces CD-ROM products for commonly used and data-intensive data.

The offline data service process is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Data use statement

The acquisition of offline data takes three steps. That is, first query and discover the data that you need, and then fill in and submit the offline data review table, and the World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment platform will prepare the data after receiving the user request and provide the data entity service.

The platform shall respond to the offline applications of the users within 5 working days. For what cannot be provided, explain the reasons; for what can be provided, deal timely in accordance with prescribed procedures, including registration, approval, data collection, processing, CD making (optional), mailing (optional) and charge (optional), etc.

5. Active data service

Active data service mainly includes data intermediary service, commissioned service, navigation service, data reservation service, etc.

Actively understand users’ needs, track major scientific research projects, accept project data and establish two-way interactive mechanism with users while providing data services.

6. Data service report and evaluation

This platform provides real-time statistics of online data sharing service information, regularly collects offline data service information, and produces and publishes data service reports.

Analyze data service statistics and carry out data service evaluation. The evaluation information will be timely fed back to the platform management personnel and related business groups such as the Standardization Group and the Technology Development Group to analyze and solve problems and improve the quality of data sharing services.

In the statistical process of user service, this platform should protect users' privacy and not disclose users' personal information and account information.

7. Data citation

The citation format for scientific data is:

Author. Title (edition). Establishment organization [Establishment organization], time, Communication Agency [Communication Agency], time. unique identifier; resolution address.

For example:

Socioeconomic data of China, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences [Establishment organization], 1990, 1992, 1995, 1998, 1999 and 2000, World Data Center for Renewable Resources and Environment [Communication agency], 2017-3-31..

8. Supplementary Provisions

These regulations take effect immediately from the date of promulgation.

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