WDC-RRE user committee

WDC-RRE user committee

1.The definition of user committee

User committee is the feedback mechanisms for WDC-RRE, in charge of requirement investigations of WDC-RRE data resources and feedbacks on the quality of services for running platform.

2.The key responsibilities of user committee

(1) Offer suggestions for user data resource demands;

(2) Quality reviews of data and metadata;

(3) Researches on the distribution and preservation of resources and environment science data at home and abroad;

(4) Analyses and suggestions from major research project and important unity users;

(5) Feedback scientists’ suggestions on the platform.

3.The composition of user committee

User committee is composed of experts, scientists and data users of the earth system science related disciplines, 15-20 people, depending on the research fields they are engaged in for dynamic adjustments.

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