Kun Bu

Kun Bu


Kun Bu


Education Background

  1. 2003.9 - 2008.6, PhD, Cartography and geographic information system, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  2. 1999.9 - 2003.7, Bachelor, Geography Science, Shandong Normal University

Duty in WDC-RRE

Responsible for platform development and data backup

Related Publications or Experiences

Working at Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology (Changchun, Jilin), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research direction is geographic information science and land use/land cover science. Mainly work including open source GIS application and industrialization, geographic data visualization, design and development of WebGIS and GIS cloud computing system, and science data sharing in geographic information. Published more than 10 academic papers and got more than 10 intellectual property licenses of software. Developed open source CMS framework named TorCMS based on Python and Tornado. Build the website Maphub( for scanned map showing and geographic data on line editing with open source GIS and cloud computing technology, which advanced the data sharing work. In charge of OSGeo China Chapter, and wetlands data sharing center of National Earth System Science Data Sharing.

  1. Implementation of plane split model in remote sensing image mosaiking, Bu K, Wang Z L, Wang J L, et al., Remote Sensing for Land and Resources, 2017, 29(4), 225-230
  2. Evaluation of agricultural land suitability for soybean cultivation in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China, Bu K, Wang Z L, Zhang S W, et al., Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 2017,25(3), 419-428
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